Snake River Overlook Black and White Infrared

I took a newly converted infrared camera to nXnw2016 in the Grand Tetons. I had my first Fuji x-series camera, an X-E1, converted just before the trip.  I did not realize — and forgot to check — that it was returned in JPG shooting mode, so the shots from the first couple of days offer limited opportunity for digital manipulation, which is kind of key for infrared images. I took this a few days into the trip after I discovered and fixed my mistake.

I am finding myself drawn to this look in the black and white  images I’m creating from the Grand Tetons, in which large areas of the photo are washed out to near total whiteness. I’m not sure if it is the subject matter driving this choice, or is it a phase I will grow out of and perhaps even be slightly embarrassed by two years from now. I find these sorts of changes interesting to follow, not only in my own work but in that of other photographers I know or follow closely.

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