Graflex Graphic 35 Camera – Wait Here

Say hello to the Graflex Graphic 35 camera. Graflex is mostly known for its large format press cameras such as the Crown Graphic and Speed Graphic. I stumbled across this gem a few months ago on one of those web sessions where you start looking for one thing, which leads to something else, then another, and so on, and then you end up buying something on eBay.  I am very pleased with the results from the camera.  It is a bit heavy, and not so easy to use, but sometimes that forces you to think more about your shots.  Here are the necessary steps to take a shot:
1. Manually advance film.
2. Take meter reading.
3. Set aperture.
4. Set shutter speed.
5. Cock shutter.
6. Compose.
7. Focus using separate viewfinder.
8. Re-compose.
9. Release shutter.

So I plan to use it mostly for fast-paced sporting events.

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