Leaves of Grass

I am recently returned from this year’s annual nXnw photo trip with several of my photoblogger friends.  This year we went to the White Mountains in New Hampshire, looking for fall color.  We timed it pretty well, which is fortunate because you can never know when the fall colors will pop in advance with any certainty.

But when we first arrived we did have trouble finding good red leaves. We saw green, gold, orange and yellow, and reds that were rather pale and dry.  Then things improved as we moved around to different locations, and eventually we came upon this scene. This is but a small detail of really a quite spectacular pathway off the side of the road.  

I chose not to start with the most spectacular shots and instead I am teasing it with this small bit of red and green on the ground. I do really like the speckled light and shadows as well.

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