Prime Lens Experiment – Week 30, 35mm lens

I have season tickets for NYCFC, the local representative in Major League Soccer. This year they added a neat ticket trade-in program, under which you can trade in tickets for games you miss for points to use on wither extra tickets for other games or upgrades. I combined all my points and upgraded this night in July to the Pitchside seating, the best and most expensive luxury experience they offer.

I probably should have brought a 90mm lens instead of 35mm, but really a manual focus Leica is not designed for sports photography no matter what. Though the subjects are a bit far away, this shot does provide a decent idea of what the view is like. At this moment, the NYCFC players are celebrating a goal, scored by a player whose momentum took him all the way into the back of the net, so that was where the celebration took place.

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