Eleven Minutes, One City Block, Six Images: Chicago

Earlier this week I spent one day in Chicago for work. It was an interesting trip, as both planes (coming and going) were maybe 20-30% full due to the coronavirus situation,and passengers were wiping down their seat area with disinfectant.

So we do what we can while doing what we must. But in addition to my work duties, I had a very brief opportunity to shoot some photos near my hotel. While looking for a good coffee source, I noticed by chance that the Historic “Begin Route 66 ” sign was very close to my hotel.

I left my hotel, walked to the corner, turned right, then turned left, left, and left again, leading me back to my hotel. The entire circuit from the first image to the last took eleven minutes, including a stop to get the coffee that was the other purpose of my outing.

I confess I’m a little bored by shooting New York City, as ridiculous as that seems (and is). There are vast spaces I have not covered, and many locations I could productively revisit. But still I am not stirred. It was great to visit a different city and be inspired by so many subjects in such a small location in just eleven minutes.

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