Where Asbury Meets Ocean

This is the view from the corner of Asbury Avenue (perpendicular to the Atlantic) and Ocean Avenue parallel and hugging the boardwalk. in Asbury Park, New Jersey

I visited Asbury Park on President’s Day weekend. It was my last dedicated photo outing before the virus quarantine, and it’s amazing looking back how little we saw it coming.

This was taken with Kodak Gold film and a Leica MP. I’m not sure which lens. No matter how many times I promise to keep good notes when shooting film I rarely keep up while out shooting. I did take some notes that day but now I can’t even find them, and I’m sure I missed some lens changes anyway.

I think, looking at this, that it is a 28mm, but it could be my Zeiss 35mm. Part of the charm of film I guess, is retaining some of the mystery.

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