Corner Saloon


If you turn around after taking this photo on Washington Street and then cross the street to the opposite corner, this is what you see. Actually, that’s exactly what I did.



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  1. You know, I’m generally a guy who likes processing more toward the “real” end of things but I *really* like this one. I’m not creative enough to describe it but with the texture and the blacks it really has cool feel to it. I like the frame too…

  2. Michael

    Thank you very much for the praise on this one. I went a bit outside my usual style, which I’ve actually been doing a bit more lately (some of which hasn’t been published yet). So maybe it’s becoming my new style, at least for some types of shots: not realistic but also I hope not overdone. This is a mix of many effects laid one on top of the next: something from Topaz Adjust and Detail both, then LucisPro and then 2 Nik filters. I’m glad you liked the edge, too. I did it on a whim: I shot this handheld and would have had to crop to eliminate the non-overlapping edges. This was another way of solving that problem for this shot, but I don’t think I’m likely to use it that often. I’m not too enamored of the frayed edge look — I just thought it worked here.

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