Crosswalk No. 48

Crosswalk No. 48
Crosswalk No. 48

This was severely underexposed.  I almost cannot believe I salvaged this from the unprocessed Raw image.  There was a lot of noise, but Topaz DeNoise 5 really worked, although you can see some of the loss of detail in people’s faces.

UPDATE: I decided to add a copy of the image as it appears straight from Raw conversion with no other edits or adjustments to show how underexposed it was:

Unedited Image

The transformation was done completely in Aperture, basically by increasing the exposure and moving the Shadows slider all the way to the right.

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  1. There’s an awful lot of face work going on here. Look at the expressions! Great stuff Mark!

  2. Nice save! I love the effect of the final image. Agree with Jim. Lots of captivating expressions. Makes you wonder what’s going on outside the frame.

  3. Impressive recovery from the underexposed file. Looks great in black and white.

  4. Thanks guys.

  5. This is a great example of how much you can push and pull a raw file. One of the most impressive things I’ve noticed since moving from the D90 to the D700 is just how much more ability I have to recover under- and over-exposed images. Despite the fact that both cameras have sensors with the same nominal dynamic range, I get about a stop better latitude on the D700 raw files compared to the D90 – pushing or pulling the exposure up to 2 stops on the D700 files leaves me with great results but shows pretty nasty artifacts on the D90 files.

    1. Dave makes an important point that this is an instance in which equipment can make a difference. Some cameras won’t have this much range. Still, no matter your kit, push it as far as the range allows.

  6. In my last past, I gave the following tip: “Next time, you look at the photos in your catalog don’t be quick to discard it as you can turn an ok photo into a great photo solely by using the tools you have on your computer.” The image was darker than I had hoped for but with LR and Color Efex Pro I was able to salvage an ok image to a great image in my opinion.

    I really enjoy our B&W photos as it is my favorite medium as you can tell from my blog. Keep up the great work.

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