Bond and Bowery

The corner of Bond Street, also known as Second Street, and Bowery, on a very cold Sunday morning.  Like yesterday’s image, taken without focusing the lens, because I was so cold I simply forgot.  This one turned out better because the focus was by chance turned out to infinity, or close enough to it, and the main subjects are across the street.  Besides the cold, I think I also forgot to focus because I forgot to bring another lens I really wanted to use and I let my annoyance over that get in my own way.

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  1. The vignette makes this image for me! Nice catch!

  2. There’s something about the processing combined with the slightly off focus that has given this shot (at least to me) a very seventies feel, perhaps even the look of a Polaroid, only with stronger colour. Like the warmth at the tops of the buildings contrasting with those cool blue tones in the shadows. 🙂

  3. Thanks all.
    John – glad you liked the vignette. It came from the lens, and I decided to leave it instead of trying to fix it.
    Dave – the color comes from the Nik Color Efex Cross-Processing Filter, which has lately become one of my favorite options. I used it recently on this image, yesterday’s shot of the vacant lot, and the shot of the liquor store that sells men’s suits last week. It has I think 16 different settings, each one mimicking a different type of cross processing, which is an inherently film technique and the source, I think, of that 70s look. Cross processing, for anyone who does not know, is intentionally mixing the wrong combination of film, processing chemicals, paper, and toner. For example, you might use the chemicals for slide film on regular negative film.

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