Subway By Subway

We are coming to the end of this series. In fact, while I have a few more images to publish from that outing, this is the last shot of the elevated tracks from that day, showing where the M Train crosses Fresh Pond Road, emerging between a Subway sandwich shop and a local pizza joint. Across the street is the Fresh Pond Road station entrance. Beyond that the M Train heads to it’s last stop in this direction, Metropolitan Avenue, but between here and the the line travels through a section that is generally inaccessible, through train yards and such. With a few exceptions, such as yesterday’s image, I have kept the processing on this series simple and realistic. I mostly kept to that in today’s image, except that I did not fix the ghosting on the Subway shop flag, just because I liked the way it looks, and that’s good enough reason.

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  1. Awesome shot here Mark, I love the depth to it and the dynamic range you’ve captured, really cool with the people too

  2. nice work Mark, I admire that you can take a scene like this and turn it into something interesting and beautiful, well done!

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