Coney Island Color – Winter 2012

So I think I have the next four weeks of posts here all planned out, which is unusual for me. As I’ve mentioned, if not comprehensively, two weekends ago I shot several rolls of film. Saturday morning at Coney Island, Sunday morning in and around Grand Central. Juggling 3 cameras, I shot color, black and white, and color slides that were cross-processed.

This week will be all regular color shots from Coney Island.
Next week will be black and white shots from Grand Central.
The following week will be black and white shots from Coney Island.
The fourth week will be cross-processed shots from Coney Island.

As we move through the images, I’ll talk more about the equipment, film, inspiration and subject matter.

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  1. This photo is simple yet so meaningful…I like its simplicity and you are my idol!

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