Coney Island Black and White Winter 2012 – Wonder Wheel

You can see some flaws in the scan alignment here: sprocket holes on top and an edge of another image to the left. This would be, of course, the easiest type of problem to correct with a simple crop, but I decided to keep them here, just, well, because.

The main element here is of course the Wonder Wheel. I was standing in an empty corner lot. Based on satellite photos, I think the building was recently razed. In the left of the image you can see the  building next to the lot showing an exposed side that would normally be hidden. I don’t think you’ll catch me on the Wonder Wheel at any time. As I get older I find that exposed height is the element of amusement park rides that scares me the most.

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  1. Really digging these vintage looking film shots, Mark. Nice.

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