Colorful, Messy, Bale of Paper


I shot this and am posting it here for the sheer “what the heck?!” of it. This scene presented itself during Saturday’s photowalk in Greenpoint. Nobody on the walk had any real clue what this was. Well, obviously it’s a bale of colorful paper falling apart on the sidewalk, but none of us have ever seen such bales of paper anywhere else in the city. There was a movie shooting in the near vicinity (not shooting at that moment, but various props, equipment, and period cars were in evidence) but even that did not seem to explain this.

I realize it’s a minor mystery but it really did puzzle us. It’s funny how an extremely mundane but out of character object can throw off your perceptions.

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  1. I must admit that this image is chaotically satisfying. 🙂 I’m forced to look everywhere for structure. It’s actually very interesting.

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