Keller Hotel Sign

The area has been revitalized, which means most of its history is gone. I revisit this topic and my mixed feelings about it over and over. A thriving city must change to meet the needs of current residents, but I still miss the history that is destroyed with each renovation and new construction.

The Keler Hotel is caught in some sort of landmark/financing limbo and therefore in a state of semi-preserved decay for the indefinite future. It has been a flophouse, sailors hotel, gay bar/club (way back when that was not just deemed unsavory but also quite rare), SRO — a generally disreputable sort of place for most of its history. It’s future is probably some sort of condominium.

I just hope they keep the sign.


Minolta CLE camera
Voigtlander 28mm f/2 lens
CineStill bwXX 200 Film

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  1. Very good photo Mark, i like the richness of tones and the history behind this image. New York is definitely a never end of photographic possibilities!

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