Palouse Falls

This was out first stop in the actual Palouse region during this year’s nXnw 2015 trip.  We started in Seattle, and drove across Washington State (stopping at another famous waterfall along the way).

This is an odd location. As you drive into the park from the main road everything is flat, and dry. You are left wondering where the waterfall can possibly be. Even when you park, just a few yards from here, this view is hidden and a mystery until you walk a short trail and suddenly this vista opens up.

I find this image a bit drab and colorless; the view live was a bit more vibrant. It was not green and verdant, but a bit more colorful than this.  I try not to undercut my images but that’s the truth.  I tried a black and white version, by the way, and found it somewhat less inspiring, despite the limitations of this version.

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  1. The light was really harsh when we were there, I have yet to do anything with mine from that spot, this is not bad at all Mark

    1. Thanks Mike. I think Wilson had the idea when he went infrared here.

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