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I could have been a little more productive this weekend. If I had, I could tell you where this is, maybe.  If I had been more productive I might have offloaded my GPS tracks, synced them with my trip photos, and I could know what state this is in, at least.

Well, it’s probably Wyoming. I know for certain it is somewhere between Denver and Grand Teton National Park near Jackson, Wyoming. I recently returned my my annual photo excursion with friends from around the country, known affectionately by us as nXnw.  It was a great week, and I barely was able to offload even just the images this weekend. My usual practice is to post one image from each day — in order — before I do whatever I want.  This was taken from Armando Martinez’s car as we traveled from Denver to Jackson. Our group — which grew to 13 this year — converged on Jackson at different times from varied rally points. Five of us made the drive from Denver, something I did because flying to Denver and from Jackson was for some reason much less expensive than any other option.

I’ve got a lot of great images to share, and more memories of time with friends that I will treasure.  They got some good shots too. As a start, check out my friend Bob’s great grizzly bear images, Mike’s beautiful shot of Schwabacher Landing, and Dave’s shot of one of the most famous barns in photography.

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  1. Great post, Mark. Thanks for the mention.

    The trip this year absolutely exceeded expectations. I am still on cloud nine.

  2. It’s everywhere in the West. It’s anywhere in the West.

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