Sullivan Diner Entrance – Infrared

I have been doing some preliminary research into infrared photography lately, after seeing some breathtaking images.  It looks like it is going to be a real pain whether you do it digitally or with film.  Infrared film requires special handling and processing, and your options today for getting any film processing done are limited.  You cannot even load the camera anywhere but an absolutely dark room or inside a special bag.  Digital infrared is tough because most digital camera have an internal filter to block infrared light so improve their efficiency with regular spectrum light.  Infrared still seeps through, but you have to make very long exposures even in strong daylight.  Nonetheless, I’ll probably give it a try.  In the meantime, various infrared post-processing filters can create a substantially accurate infrared image.

I had no plans for this to be infrared.  It was probably to 17th or so option I tried, after natural, saturated, desaturated, grungy, contrasted, detailed, smoothed, textured, etc.  Sometimes you know exactly how you want an image to look.  Other times you might  have no idea, or discover that what you thought would look good turns out to be disappointing.  In those instances a simple plan of trial and error can sometimes save a shot.  Eventually you try an effect or a method, and your mind says “oooh, pretty.”    At that point you should stop, because you’re done.

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  1. Love this shot, great detail, nice composition. Very nice work.

  2. I really like how this came out.

    And thank you! for saying the piece about “trial and error” because that is how I edit my photos many times. And I certainly think that’s okay to do – you don’t always have to know how a shot should look. Sometimes it can surprise you!

  3. great photo infra red is allways an interesting foirm of photography

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