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The Jackson Hole Diner on Astoria Boulevard in East Elmhurst, NY (Queens).  I will confess that I cloned out a giant billboard hovering over the diner. I usually don’t like doing things like that. In this case I very much thought it detracted from the image and there was no way to handle it in the field, either. 



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  1. In the mid-80 to early 90’s I lived on Curtis Street, not too far from Jackson Hole. I read that the diner permanently closed its doors during the pandemic.

    1. Hi Khürt,

      I took this in late January and at that time it was open for pick up. I believe they have since reopened for onsite dining, but have not personally confirmed that.

  2. Mark, I love this shot, great work, and that place looks great! I am glad they are still open. Good call on the billboard

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