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Red Mercedes 250 SL
Red Mercedes 250 SL

This is one of those “I nearly didn’t notice this shot” stories.  I was busy taking shots of the establishment with the Liquor Store sign (more on that at a later date) and was about to move on when I noticed the car.  Now I’m not a car guy, but I’m not blind and I’m not stupid.  Vintage red Mercedes sports cars are not left sitting around on the street all that much for me to take pictures of them, so I turned around and took a couple of shots from the front.  I was not loving them all that much – maybe I’ll salvage them later – so I went to the back where I saw a much better background for the shot and I had the idea to drop my tripod height down.  All the while I was sort of mentally sending out thanks to the owner of the car for leaving it out for me to play with.

In post, all I did was open On-One’s Focal Point, which not only added the bokeh, but also the vignette and the glowing effect in the rest of the image.

According to Wikipedia, the 250 SL was basically a one year model – 1967, and apparently they did not make very many of them.  This one was in very nice condition.  And it’s red.

UPDATE: At the request of Dave in the comments to this post, I finally did post an image with a front view of the car in this post.

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  1. Nice. At one time I had a friend that owned a real-live blue 300SL. He would just toss me the keys anytime I wanted it. Now, that was NICE. At the same time I was driving a brand new Series 1 E-Type roadster. That wasn’t too shoddy either.

    I changed the blog name this morning to ProPhoto3 has been SUPER responsive and helpful. And thanks for your encouragement and patience. Butch

  2. Hi Mark,

    very good picture, I like the treatment a lot!
    It’s something different and it really fits here. Well done!



  3. Love your work and would be pleased to see the pics of the Mercedes you took from the front!

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