Up the Bowery

Traveling in and around the City, you occasionally come across these vistas that seem to lead directly to the Empire State Building. This is from the Bowery, just south of Houston. I had many options involving the birds. They were scattered all over different exposures. The ghost versions actually looked kind of neat when they came out of HDR processing, but I decided to erase them in Photomatix; then I swapped in the sky from the -2 exposure bracket which had this fellow nicely framed and that was that.

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  1. Nice shot. I like the fact that the street lights are all red. Nice warm light on the buildings as well. I’m jealous. Shooting in NYC is so much fun.

  2. Beauty work Mark. Love the single bird in the image and the light on the Empire State.

  3. Nice warm light Mark. How much you pay that bird to pose?

  4. Absolutely beautiful – I love it!

  5. Oh wow… such a great shot Mark. Well done!

  6. Beautiful shot. The bird totally makes it. I have huge respect for the unadulterated editorial content of an image and all, but did you consider moving the bird down and bit to the left? Might not work but it could do interesting things to the balance of the composition.


  7. Very delayed response to a couple of comments here.

    First, thanks to James for pointing out the red lights. I noticed it also, but only when processing. I didn’t consciously set it up that way. It is not unusual, by the way, for the lights to be lined up like that. They tend to move in a timed stream on the avenues so a car in light traffic staying within the speed limit could travel dozens of blocks without stopping at a red light. Also, I went back and checked the full bracketed set and somehow I managed to take all seven shots in the set during the same red light status.

    Second, Jon, I considered moving the bird, and in the end it was a 50-50 thing to keep it where it was. There was no real rationale for it.

    Finally, thanks to everyone for the comments.

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