New York By Gehry Slant

I had been shooting down by the East River at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, and was heading up towards the New York by Gehry building to get some close-up detail shots, when I spotted it sandwiched by the 1960s era apartment buildings.  I stopped to change lenses and had the camera sitting at an odd angle on my tripod as I did so. While I was fumbling with lens caps and such, another fellow came walking up the hill from the waterfront with his tripod and gear in tow. He didn’t pause but as he walked by he said “nice shot.”

I could be wrong, but I don’t think he was specifically referring to the odd angle my camera was in, but his remark made me consider it nonetheless. After I had the new lens attached, I looked through the eyepiece, focused, and saw this. And then I clicked the shutter.



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  1. This looks awesome Mark, I love the tilt on it. Nicely processed too.
    Dave DiCello recently posted..FramedMy Profile

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