51 Great Photo Spots and Subjects in the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island [Page Two Queens]

Page One Covering the Bronx is here, and contains the full explanation behind the list. Page Three covering Staten island is here.

In order to ease the loading of each page, I am dividing the list into three pages, one each for the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. Clicking on any image below will take you to the Flickr page for that image, which also has a map showing where the image was taken. As noted on Page One covering the Bronx, every image is available under a Creative Commons license that allows me to post them here with links and attribution. If that changes, any photographer featured here need only contact me and I will remove the image.

Some of these images are truly self-explanatory, but for a few I have added supplemental information about the location or subject. Finally, in the spirit of the rules for curating these lists on Trey’s app, I have not used any of my own images, but I do add an unnumbered bonus location for each borough with my own photograph. The numbering picks up with the next number after the Bronx list.



Station Square, Forest Hills by Flickr User Joe Shlabotnik

The town square for Forest Hills, including its station for the Long Island Railroad, is a gorgeous ring of medieval-style buildings linked with arched overpasses.


Ridgewood Savings Bank, Forest Hills, by Flickr User Joe Shlabotnik

The Forest Hills branch of the Ridgewood Savings Bank is a designated New York City landmark. Its distinctive exterior has been used in, among other projects, the television series Prison Break.


Pepsi Sign in Long Island City by Flickr User rutlo

This sign originally stood above a bottling plant and now sits in the park noted immediately below.


Gantry Plaza State Park, by Flickr User Emilio Santacoloma

Amazing views of the Manhattan skyline, Roosevelt Island, Queensboro Bridge, and parts of Queens.


Silvercup Sign by Flickr User -LucaM- Photography

Silvercup was a bakery whose plant has been converted to a movie and television studion in Long Island City Queens.


Queens - Flushing: Flushing Town Hall by Flickr User wallyg

The Town Hall was built in 1862 and is on the National Register of Historic Places.


Five Pointz by Flickr User Pro-Zak

Five Points is a free outdoor graffiti art exhibit. If you visit, please check the posted rules about photography. There are often artists and management about working and they are generally very friendly if you approach them.


Herman A. Macneil Park by Flickr User Pro-Zak

This is a small park near the base of the Whitestone Bridge in Queens with views of the Bronx and Manhattan.


Fort Totten by Flickr User terryballard

Sister to FOrts Schuyler in the Bronx and Wadsworth in Staten Island. My take on this amazing location can be found here here here and here.


The Pop Diner by Flickr User germangg95

Just a gorgeous diner on Queens Boulevard.


Unisphere by Flickr User Victoria Belanger

A landmark from the 1964 World’s Fair.


Jamaica Station by Flickr User Joe Shlabotnik

A major hub of the Long Island Rail Road. I wouldn’t be surprised if security was hostile to sustained photography, but you can certainly grab some cool shots.


World's Fair Pavillion by Flickr User Victoria Belanger

Another landmark from the 1964 World’s Fair.


Socrates Sculpture Park by Flickr User roccocell

Outdoor exhibition space on the East River in Long Island City.


Triboro Bridge; NYC by Flickr User Global Jet

Triboro Bridge, recently redesignated the RFK bridge, with great views from Astoria park


Forrest Park by Flickr User Victoria Belanger

Approximately 540  acres of park, with forests, an abandoned rail line, a bandshell, and a carousel dating to 1903 (currently closed).


Lithuanian Transfiguration Church by Flickr User Victoria Belanger

A replica of a Lithuanian roadside shrine sits in the courtyard. The interior is decorated with Lithuanian folk art. As with any religious institution, be respectful if you visit and enter, please.


Welcome to Sunnyside by Flickr User Victoria Belanger

Sunnyside is a fairly typical neighborhood in western Queens. Its “Welcome to Sunnyside” sign is an unofficial local landmark


Bayside Cemetery by Flickr User Pro-Zak

Queens is sometimes known as the borough of cemeteries. The Bayside Acacia Cemetery is one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the City. It is currently in disrepair, which yields amazing photo opportunities. Again, please be respectful of those interred here.


Powell's Cove by Flickr User Pro-Zak

Powell’s COve is  an environment waterfront park with amazing views of the Whitestone Bridge and the Bronx.


Roosevelt Island: Lighthouse by Flickr User wallyg

I’m arguably cheating with this and the next entry. Jurisdictionally, Roosevelt Island is part of Manhattan. But it sits between Manhattan and Queens in the East River, is I believe slightly closer to the Queens shore than to Manhattan, and is connected by bridge only to Queens. Plus, few Manhattanites venture here. Here are some more takes on the lighthouse.


Smallpox Hospital Roosevelt Island by Flickr User mirsasha

The Smallpox Hospital is in extreme decay. Most of it collapsed a few years ago but you can still get some great images from it while it is being restored brick by brick.

 Bonus Location With My Image

Link to Flickr image with map

Old style diner and truck stop in Maspeth, featured in the movie Goodfellas (click on the image to go to my post with the details) and other projects, including a recent episode of the new series “Person of Interest.”

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