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Last August Pittsburgh based photographer Dave DiCello came to NYC, and he and I got together for a photo walk on a hot Saturday afternoon. I took only my film camera, and although I finished the roll about a month later, I never got the film developed until this week. Dave published some images from that day here and here, and the second of those links includes Dave’s capture of this same scene.

Comparing the two images, it appears that the dog was posing for Dave while I caught it in more of a candid pose.  Either way, he appears largely disinterested in the conversation he is stuck in the middle of.

Film notes: this is Kodak Portra 400 VC film, which no longer exists. Kodak used to make both a VC and a NC version of Portra, with the VC being more saturated and NC more muted. Now it just makes plain Portra, which I understand has a saturation level somewhere in between. Also, this film traveled to Las Vegas and back while I carried it around in my bag for months. It wasn’t shielded, and went through the x-ray scanner without any apparent damage.


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  1. I remember this shot well, it was one of my favorite candids that I took! Love the look to yours though Mark! Thanks for the shout out and links too! Enjoy your weekend man!
    Dave DiCello recently posted..Friday bluesMy Profile

  2. This is taken right where i live my building is even in the shot, and this is shot with a minolta CLE $ 40 summicron i’d like to see more of these shots from the same day

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