Newtown Creek and Manhattan Sklyine

Newtown Creek and Manhattan Skyline

I took this by poking the lens of my Fujifilm x100s through one of the holes in the chain link fence that surround most of the James J. Byrne Memorial Bridge, aka the Greenpoint Avenue Bridge, connecting the neighborhoods of Greenpoint in Brooklyn with Blissville (a part of Long Island City) in Queens. Blissville was named after Neziah Bliss, who owned most of the land in the neighborhood, 1830s and 1840s. He also built the first bridge in this location. John Jay Byrne was borough President of Brooklyn, otherwise unremarkable, and I think we should rename this bridge in honor of the man who first built a bridge here using his own money and know-how.

The middle of the day is usually an awful time to take pictures, unless you have clouds like this and an amazing view.

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  1. Love the moody appearance this one has, your lucky to be able to shoot that place all the time, nice work

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