Lake Crescent Olympic Peninsula 1992

Lake Crescent

This is Lake Crescent on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state, taken from the grounds of the Lake Crescent Lodge in 1992. I had no tripod with me so this is very carefully handheld, using a Pentax 05R camera and Kodak Gold 200 ISO film. I had no idea what tonal recession even though that’s the effect I achieved here. I’m not sure why I didn’t move a bit to the right to avoid the foliage but there it is.  I scanned this from the negative myself last week on an Epson 600.

THis is from a bicycle tour run by Bicycle Adventures.  The year before I did a tour of the California Wine Country. Based on my expreriences with them I would highly recommend the company, although it was more than two decades ago so you might want to check some more current reviews.

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