Print Gallery Fundraiser for St. Mary’s

St. Mary's Yonkers - Organ Loft and Rose Window


I featured this image on the blog before, but I’m indulging in a rare repeat in order to showcase a gallery I have set up to benefit this church, which is the parish I grew up attending in Yonkers, NY. Msgr. Corrigan graciously allowed me to have access to the grounds for a few hours one afternoon and this is a small attempt to repay the favor. You can find the gallery at this link. It features some shots of this beautiful church as well as a selection of my other images, including a couple of others taken in Yonkers. Any purchase from this particular gallery will generate a donation to the parish equal to 20% of my share of the proceeds. If you ever wanted to purchase a print, please consider doing so now through this gallery.

The gallery will remain open from now through to the end of June.

Thank you.

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