War Memorial – Weehawken, NJ – Memorial Day 2014

Weehawken War Memorial


The circumstances that led to me posting this today were entirely fortuitous. I planned another pre-dawn excursion to NJ ot shoot the sunrise, starting at a location in West New York that I will feature soon, followed by a stop in Weehawken to get another view of the Manhattan skyline. I knew that Hamilton Park had amazing views of the city, but I did not realize until I arrived that it also is the location of Weehawken War Memorial sculptures. The centerpiece is the World War I, or Great War, memorial. The stone to the left is for WWII, and the one on the right is for Korea and Viet Nam. So I got my skyline shots but I also stopped to quickly grab this in honor of the day.

Say a prayer, give some thanks, and enjoy the day.

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