This photo is about two years old: not just the raw unfinished image but the the edits and effects were all applied about 2.5 years ago. I remember getting the photo ready — I even uploaded it to the gallery — and at the last minute I substituted something elsefor that day. I then decided to keep this image “in the bank,” so to speak, for  a day when I was rushed and could afford the time. But I never did take advantage of it.

Moreover, as time has moved on, so has my style, and the type and amount of editing I do on images. I typically spend less time modifying images before publication than I used to, and they are more natural looking. But for one reason or another I never used up this “asset” and it was just time to do so. Although I would almost certainly create a different finished product today, I am not unhappy with this or embarrassed with it.

So here it is – 105 W.22nd Street taken early on a Sunday morning in the fall of 2011, edited and finished shortly thereafter, and shown to the world today.

“If you are what you should be you will set the whole world on fire.”

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  1. I am glad you waited until now to post this – I wasn’t following your blog 2.5 years ago, so I wouldn’t have seen it!

  2. I’m glad this has at last seen the light of day, Mark. A pattern image, but not quite a pattern image – and it’s all the variations on the pattern that makes this such an interesting image to look at and enjoy.
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