Playing With Capture One – Lady Liberty



It’s not my most dramatic or impressive photo, but I wanted to try out Capture One and this is one of the first images I settled on, from a recent outing with my online photo buddy Jim Nix. You can see his impressive work from the evening here.

I didn’t intend this to be a showcase or test of anything, and in truth this exercise is not properly designed to be either. But while working on the image I became mildly obsessed with seeing how much detail I could tease out of the Lady in the harbor. In the end I cropped pretty tight and just tried to enhance the image in simple ways: a bit of an exposure adjustment, some highlights recovery, noise reduction, plus a tough of sharpening. I was surprised at how good it came out given the heavy crop, and I suppose that is as much a testament to the camera and lens (Fuji X-T1 and Fujinon 55-200mm zoom) as it is to Capture One.

The original image, unedited from Raw except for generic JPG output is below.

– Oh just be quiet about the skewed horizon already. I was shooting on top of rocks. Leave me alone, OK?

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  1. That is some pretty impressive detail for such a tight crop! Nice!

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