Crescent Lake, Beach Club, Epcot Golf Ball #we35

One of the topics that participants in the #we3 project have often discussed is the suitability of a 35mm field of view for landscape work.  My position is it is a geat landscape lens, despite its obvious limitations.

Let’s address those first. Obviously you cannot zoom in and compress the image. If I wanted to, say, get a tight shot of Spaceship Earth (the Golf Ball) I would have needed a much longer lens.  On the other end, many great landscape shots go very wide to capture the full scope of an open scene. I suspect many photographers would pick a wide lend if they could only have one lens for a landscape excursion.

On the other side, I think it is easy to be seduced by width when shooting landscapes.  If I had a wider option I maght have used it here, but what would I have gained. Spaceship Earth would be even less noticeable than it is. In return there would be more water and more buildings on the side. Would that help anything?  Not in this instance. If anything, this shot might have improved by a slight narrowing of view, but I am quite pleased with the result as is.

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  1. Great golden hour light Mark

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