Fisher Towers Detail …. Very Much Again

Well this is a mild embarrassment. I was all set to post this earlier today hen I discovered I posted the same image, just with different edits, about 15 months ago.  What is more surprising to me is that not only do I not remember that, but the raw image itself caught me off-guard when I noticed it this week. I remember the spot, and other compositions of the subject (if you want to see more just click on the “Fisher Towers” tag below the post heading, but I actually wondered how I got this shot and why I did not notice it sooner.

Oh well, I thought I might as well post this version, which I seem to have left a little more “drab” than the earlier version, where I punched the colors up a tad.

Happy weekend.

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  1. I’d be quite happy if you posted a version of this every month, Mark. It is a fantastic mountainscape.
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  2. I really like tHis view MarK, well done

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