Untermyer Gardens Overlook, Yonkers NY

Prime Lens Experiment – Week 28, 35mm lens

Despite growing up in Yonkers, I never visited Untermyer Gardens until last month. It really is quite a location. The land was first developed into a grand estate by John Waring in 1865. He sold it to Samuel J Tilden, former governor, in 1879. Samuel J. Untermyer bought it from the Tilden estate in 1899, and hired William Welles Bosworth to create the gardens.

The Untermyer family conveyed 16 acres to the City of Yonkers as a public park in 1946. It suffered from neglect and inadequate funding, but today a conservancy helps raise funds and maintain the grounds, which have even expanded with additional acquisitions. You can read more here.

This Overlook on the Hudson River sits at the bottom of a grand, open air set of stairs. I will post a picture from the top, which view is known as The Vista, at a later date.

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