Grand Central Glow

Prime Lens Experiment – Week 31, 28mm lens

For this week at the start of August I switched to a 28mm lens, the Leica 28mm f/2.8 Elmarit. It is a wonderfully sharp lens, but this photo doesn’t showcase that.

I was wandering Grand Central Terminal and noticed this oddly unmarked stairway down to the subway (separately known as Grand Central Station) and I knew that the dimly lit hallway would contrast very well against the brightly lit stairs going down. I took several shots of different people approaching. Almost everyone was going down rather than up as it was evening when Grand Central is mostly a point of departure rather than arrival.

Finally I managed a shot with this woman as the sole figure. I shot it with a dedicated black and white camera so it was always going to be monochrome, but I played with it a bit to emphasize the black/white contrast and enhance the glow effect.

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