New London Rear Range Lighthouse Golden Hour

We visited this site on our last morning in Nova Scotia during nXnw 2019. It seemed to take the group a while to figure out how to best compose this scene. We arrived before dawn, but the configuration of the space made it hard to get both the lighthouse and rising sun in the same shot.

So we spread our and walked around and eventually most of us got nice shots in the 30 minutes or so after sunrise than we did just as the sun rose. One great example can be found at my friend Mike Criswell’s site here. We’ve been joking all week about how he managed to find this boat lying about in the field while we looked all over for secondary elements to play off the lighthouse.

I don’t have a boat, but my image does have a pair of pretty homes, so that’s something.

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  1. The golden light was awesome that morning, the wide view is great and including the houses was a great idea

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