Covehead Harbour Lighthouse Sunset

I owe this one to one of my nXnw buddies. I’m just not sure who. It was our first day in Prince Edward island, and the nXnw crew had messed up the dinner timing. We all raced through dinner at the Blue Mussel Cafe, which was a shame because it was a great dining experience. But we had to get to our sunset shooting location on an unforgiving deadline.

As you can see, we just made it. We parked on the side of the road, grabbed our gear, and started running to get close to the beach, but I noticed someone stop and grab some shots from right next to where we parked. Then, because the beach was past the ridgeline, we had more light before a second sunset from the beach.

We all are shameless in this respect. Just because someone else notices something and shoots something you would have missed, does not mean you should not do the same. Thanks, someone.

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