Jersey City Skyline and Manhattan City Pier A Building




Jersey City Skyline and Manhattan Pier A Building
Fatally Fascinating: Jersey City Skyline and Manhattan Pier A Building

This shows the Exchange Place section of the Jersey City skyline opposite lower Manhattan, shot from Battery Park.  In the mid-foreground is the City Pier A building.  The “fatally fascinating” reference is to the sign below Pier A, put up as a bit of New York City self-promotion.  The full quote, “New York City is the most fatally fascinating thing in America,” is from James Weldon Johnson’s The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man.  Unfortunately, Pier A is actually a symbol of New York government incompetence, as it has suffered unused and in disrepair for decades.  Jersey City, meanwhile has successfully lured several financial industry firms to relocate many offices and jobs to that jurisdiction from Manhattan.

Back to the photography, you have to get up pretty early to get this lighting.  This was taken about 5:40 am the last weekend on May.  The camera was facing west but caught the early light of the rising sun in the reflection of the Jersey City office towers.  The Colgate Clock was built in 1924 by the Colgate company which was located in Jersey City until 1985.  It is now maintained by Goldman Sachs.

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