Horns of the Fog

Thinking poetically, we often associate fog with silence. In reality it gets very loud, especially near water, as the boats repeatedly sound their horns. When nobody can rely upon their sight, sound becomes paramount.

I am continuing to process shots from Sunday’s fog in DUMBO outing using Lightroom.  For this I also used the new Perfect B&W from OnOne. I do not have enough experience yet to compare it to its main competitor, which would be Silver Efex Pro from Nik Software, but for now it is clear that both products share a very similar set of black and white conversion capabilities.

I also pulled this into Photoshop for one adjustment, and it has led me to another frustrating Adobe problem. When I told Lightroom to let me edit it in Photoshop, Lightroom told me I needed to update Adobe Camera Raw. So I opened the Adobe Program Manager which advised me that I had no updates available for any programs. But then I checked and indeed I am a few interim versions behind the latest Camera Raw. Googling around, I found that others have had issues with Adobe Updater failing to recognize available updates on Macs, but I also found no clear solution. I did find a way that seemed to allow updating Camera Raw directly, but it just directed me back to the Adobe Program manager/updater. I have put off upgrading Photoshop 5 to 6, and I might get around to doing that as a way to, I hope, fix the Camera Raw issue. I have meant to do that anyway, but if I were forced to upgrade Photoshop when I didn’t want to just to get an update I should get easily and for free, I would be even more annoyed. Meanwhile, I’m quite disappointed with Adobe’s failure to make working with Lightroom on a Mac reasonably simple. First the Library permissions issue I discussed yesterday, and now this.

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  1. Great shot Mark. I think fog can be one of the hardest weather types to capture well and you have mastered it here.
    I used to actively avoid shooting in the fog until last year when I physically forced myself to go out and try and glad I did in the end.

    1. Thanks Chris. I checked out your fog shots and linked to them with some more thoughts in shooting in and processing foggy images on today’s post.

  2. I like the bold contrast in this shot, Mark.

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