Letchworth State Park – Upper and Middle Falls

Upper and Middle Falls Letchworth State Park


Letchworth State Park in Central New York State, close by the Finger Lakes, is a surprisingly little-known gem. My completely informal poll of people who live or grew up in Central New York reveals that many had not ever heard of it, despite their proximity. It is nicknamed “The Grand Canyon of the East”and while it might be a bit of a stretch to say it matches the Grand Canyon, it is also probably true that nothing east of the Mississippi comes closer. It features deep gorges carved by the Genesee river, several waterfalls, and miles of trails.

I visited on the coldest day of Thanksgiving Day weekend, navigated around a closed road and icy trails to grab a relatively small number of shots from designated overlooks, but I’m glad to have done so and hope to return.

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  1. This is really nice Mark, looks super in B&W

  2. Mark, this is outstanding. Love it! Not trying to change it but did you think about a super long exposure??

    1. Thanks Carl. I did consider long exposures. I had a 10-stop filter with me, and knowing I’d be shooting waterfalls it was part of the plan. when I got there, however, none of the compositions I could make from this vantage point (varied lenses, orientation and focal length) really seemed likely to benefit from a long exposure. Due to some time and weather limitations, I didn’t have an opportunity to get to a lower vantage point where I thought a long exposure would have worked better.
      Plus it was 22°, so if you conclude I just didn’t want to stand around making long exposures, I can’t say with certainty that had nothing to do with it.

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