Weber House, Palouse, Black and White Film, #nXnw2015, #We35

One of the running jokes on this trip concerned how I brought 8 cameras (9 if you count my iPhone). Five of the eight were film cameras with different features or film. And this is why. It was worth it in my mind.  I love this shot, taken with a very compact yet extremely effective film camera the Contax T3. I brought 3 of them on the trip, each loaded with different types of film. I’m not sure I could have achieved this look on a digital file with 3 hours of editing.

My lab just finished developing and scanning my rolls so I will now have this additional set of images to add to my collection this year.

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  1. I think my back would be broken carrying eight cameras! But one camera earned it’s keep definitely with the quality of this image! The light is fantastic and the second smaller building sloping off is perfectly placed. Great B&W shot, Mark
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