St. John the Divine – St. Boniface Chapel

This is the third of four images I’m posting from the Cathedral this week.  It’s probably my least favorite but I still consider it worthwhile.  I also posted an alternate version on Flickr here.  I guess I like the spare emptiness and lack of color, but in the end both of those features make me want to overdo the processing to punch it up.

I do not know if the fellow on the right is St. Boniface. I never saw any representations of him that look like this – effectively a knight with wings. This is one of seven chapels in the Cathedral, sometimes called the Chapels of the Seven Languages or the Chapels of Tongues, that were designed to provide regular services in different languages for the first major immigrant populations in New York. I believe that never happened, but then again, the Cathedral is not finished. Boniface is credited with bringing Christianity to Germany, so this is the German chapel.  I also do not know why the chapel has no seats.

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    Looks like we have the same vision on this particular Catherdral – nice shot by the way!

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