Delmonico’s and One William Street


I have previously noted my fondness for triangle shaped buildings, formed at the corners of non-square intersections, so shooting this intersection was a given.  It is a 5 way intersection, which is responsible for the narrow-angled corners.  The central building is 1 William Street, which dates to 1907, and is currently occupied by Intesa Sanpaolo, an Italian bank.  The building on the right is Delmonico’s.  The first Delmonico’s opened as a pastry shop in 1827, and became a restaurant in 1830.  While changing both owners and locations (it has not been operated by the Delmonico family since 1927), it has functioned semi-continuously to the present day.

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  1. This is really such a great shot…that lens is great, I need so badly to get a really nice wide angle.

  2. Great image, Mark! Love the composition and the lines.

  3. Just love this shot, such a great angle and lovely vivid colour saturation just makes me wanna go there right now!. Very nice indeed.
    p.s Don’t forget to clone out those sensor dust spots in the sky. 😉

  4. Dave
    Thanks everyone for the comments. Regarding those pesky dust spots. I actually noticed them and tried to remove them using the Spot Healing brush but they resisted its effect. I have no idea why, usually it works on such flaws like magic. I’ve never liked the clone stamp tool – I can never get it to look natural. The subtle hue and tonal changes in the sky never match to my satisfaction. So I decided to live with the flaws. The image was too satisfying otherwise to abandon it.

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