Stepping Stones To Coney Island

These rocks almost look as if they lead completely across the water so that you could walk from this beach on Staten Island all the way to Coney Island in Brooklyn, which you can see straight ahead.  This image is from a photo excursion almost a year ago, last Columbus Day, to Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island with my friend Jon.  We spent a fair amount of time shooting from a scenic overlook, then explored the fort a bit by car; when we saw a dirt road branch off towards the water we took a chance and were rewarded by finding this beach.  It was an overcast cloudy morning, which muted the light and really hurt some shots, but created other rewards in different images.

I spent longer than usual yesterday  working on this image.   I applied new techniques to an somewhat old image taken with what is now, for me, old equipment.  Various techniques and filters were selectively applied to parts of the image.  For example, I added a layer to which I applied the Lucis Pro filter, but the only place it shows through is the break in the water.

Click on the image to view somewhat larger.  For best results and full detail, click here to view in my Phanfare catalog.  Then there are 2 steps to a full screen view: first click “Maximize Image” on the right, then click “Full Screen” on the floating menu on the bottom of the screen.  Phanfare does a great job with its full screen display.  It is gorgeous, especially so on a nice hi-res monitor if you have the good fortune to have one.

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  1. A beautiful scene Mark, well shot and composed.

  2. Really nice image Mark. Love the connection of the foreground and background! Well done!

  3. Really nice post. Looks way better than it did when we were there!

  4. The joys of LinkWithin. This one appeared while I was commenting on the Monopoly Guy photo.
    This incredible photo has a faint apocalyptic feeling. It reminds me when the Father and the Boy reach the beach near the end of the book The Road; they found the beach… I found my new wallpaper.

    1. Thanks so much Hector. I’m glad you found this and enjoyed it. It’s always extra fun to get a comment on an older post and image.

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