That’s when I knew I would never have come back from Florida alive.

I do not drive to work often.  On balance it is less than once a week.  But when I do drive, I usually pass by this diner on the road you see in the background when coming home.  So it was a bit of a surprise to discover when doing some basic research to write a post about this diner, to discover that it was featured in Goodfellas.  I had no idea, and still cannot recognize it, even though I have seen the movie a few dozen times.

This was taken this morning.  I meant to get out a bit earlier, and might have to come back to this spot when it is darker.  It was also cold, and I need to get a pair of those photographer’s gloves that allow you to poke your fingertips through the ends.

UPDATE: As i note in the comments, this diner is the one where Jimmy and Henry learn that Tommy has been killed instead elevated to a made man.  It is also, I believe the diner in this scene with the quote that acts as the title for this entry.

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  1. Is that the one where Deniro etc are all sitting in before getting whacked towards the end? I’m trying to remember but cool photo Mark.

  2. I did a bit more research and apparently it’s the one where Jimmy and Henry eat while Tommy is supposedly getting made but actually gets killed.

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