Let The Just Rejoice!

I feel bad about not having taken or posted any Christmas pictures this season.  Last year, when I was still really just starting this blog, I took a lot and they were the main subject in December.  As a result, it seemed as if this year I had already covered the main Christmas subjects in New York, at least in midtown where I work.  Plus, it was really cold this year compared to last year. But enough excuses.  This is the Christmas eve scene in our house last year, but this year it was really not all that much different.  That’s part of what we love about Christmas — the traditions that endure and provide some permanence in our lives.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Let the just rejoice,
for their Justifier is born.
Let the sick and infirm rejoice,
For their Saviour is born.
Let the captives rejoice,
For their Redeemer is born.
Let slaves rejoice,
for their Master is born.
Let free men rejoice,
For their Liberator is born.
Let All Christians rejoice,
For Jesus Christ is born.
St. Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-440)

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  1. Wow my friend… this is beautiful!!! Merry Christmas and got bless you all !!! :))

  2. Beautiful tree and scene Mark! Merry Christmas my friend!

  3. Merry Christmas, Mark! I hope you had an amazing day, and I wish you nothing but the best through this holiday season!

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