Marin County Line

I’m not sure what drew me in more: the Marin County Line sign, the rickety “elevator,” or the shadowy tarp. Put all three together and I had no hesitation before capturing this image. I decided to process and post this image today after the brief discussion in the comments of yesterday’s post about whether you could climb or ride some sort of elevator inside the Golden Gate Bridge towers. It appears that there is at least a way to ride on the outside, although it is not something I would be interested in.

By the way, I was really unmotivated to process an image last night, so I kept putting it off, which just made me stay up late and want to do it even less. Then once I started it felt better, and when I was done I was really happy I did it. It was just like exercise.

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  1. I think it is the bright green sign that draws me to the shot. It is like a guiding light amongst all the shadows. I’m glad you processed this 🙂
    Chris Nitz recently posted..Sneaking AwayMy Profile

  2. Like this shot a lot Mark. I would NOT want to ride in that elevator either!

  3. I totally love the composition and framing in this shot, Mark. Really love that shadow that covers the tarp and sign there, and runs across the bridge. Great shot, I think it’s fabulous!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Esquimalt Municipal HallMy Profile

  4. Mark, I love your “free association” captions that accompany your images. They really help us to get to know you better and I think that is so cool! You really captured the grit, intensity and gorgeous light in this scene.
    Barbara Youngleson recently posted..Rings Around the SunMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara. Very belated reply here, as I’ve been very busy this past month, but I’m glad you noticed, and like, the extra little commentary in the hover text. I try to put them in as much as I can without forcing it when I can’t think of something worthwhile. Plus for a while before this very entry I was putting them in the wrong field, and when I realized it I went back and fixed a bunch from the prior month. Cheers.

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