Life Runs At People

Joe Frazier died this week and my favorite quote of his is “Life don’t run away from nobody. Life runs at people.”

Life keeps moving. Time keeps going. Seasons change and years pass. Run back at it, keep up with it, choose your own path,  or watch it pass you by.

This is the pond in Central Park, fall foliage 2011. Taken yesterday from just outside the park wall on Central Park South.

* When it came to Frazier and Ali, I was always a Joe Frazier guy. Ali was just a boor and a bully who rudely called Frazier names, with no justification except that a fawning media and public encouraged him. His word play wasn’t even that clever. 

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  1. Exceptional shot here Mark, I love how the colors are so bright and vibrant in the distance. This is a real beauty man. I can’t comment much on the Ali-Frazier issue, as that was a bit before my time!
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  2. A beautiful park to get away from the urban jungle and appreciate autumn’s glory.

  3. Great colors Mark, I like the quote as well, have a great weekend

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