This is my second shot from last weekend’s urbex shoot in Staten Island. That’s Jose Vazquez kneeling just by the open door. I have to give him credit  for this. He was set up for his shot when I decided to set up behind him. I was going to wait for him to finish, but when I was ready I suddenly decided to fire away with him there. I gave him no warning and just said “Jose. Don’t move,” then started the automatic set of 9 brackets. The last two were kind of long and he never flinched.

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  1. Great shot. I love the shot with him there. Only another photographer would understand and sit still for that long during a 9 bracket exposure.

  2. Nice to have friends, huh! Great shot, Mark.

  3. Looks unique shot even though this is not that beautiful.. But I love how you had this shot..

  4. Really did this peely, grungy look and feel, Mark. Great shot, man. Nice cast of light on the right side too.

  5. Wow, you guys are having way too much fun! I’m really loving all these images!

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