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When I looked at this scene I saw a number of interesting elements that did not quite form a coherent whole. I shot it anyway, and tried to make something of it on the computer, but it still failed to come together. But, hey, this is a blog, not a gallery of my best work so I’m pleased to put it out there.

I like

  • the detail on the building
  • the street signs
  • the modern background building and the ornate roof corner we see part of just in front of it

I don’t like

  • the arrangement of the street signs
  • the scaffolding or concrete street barriers
  • the less interesting older buildings in the nearer distance

Overall, enough to be an interesting jumble. Plus, I was wondering if “ask your thyroid doctor about civilization” was some random text or is it a “thing.” Google turned up nothing so I guess it’s just some nonsense text someone scribbled on the side of the building. But now if anyone ever searches for “ask your thyroid doctor about civilization” again, they’ll find this. You’re welcome.

Enjoy the weekend and the Super Bowl everyone.

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  1. When it comes down to it, interesting is interesting, regardless if we don’t like all facets of it. I find it interesting, but the thing I went to was the writing about the thyroid doctor – pretty crazy! Have a great weekend Mark!
    Jim Denham recently posted..Time Has GoneMy Profile

  2. A different scene for sure, but quite interesting, especially your comments on the like and not like. Looking forward to the trip for sure!!

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