Calvary Cemetery – Empire State Building

Calvary Cemetery


I was shocked last night when I realized I had not already posted this. I knew this shot, or something like it, was possible before I ventured into this cemetery and it was the very reason why I went there in the first place. So it’s odd that it took me 6 months to post the shot, especially since I’ve posted about a half dozen different shots from that excursion.

Calvary Cemetery in Queens, as I have previously mentioned, is the most commonly shown cemetery in movies and television. If a movie of TV show is shot in NYC and the characters visit a cemetery, it is more than likely that it is Calvary. And yet they rarely show the Empire State building view. Funny that.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an image of New York City quite like this. It speaks of the Living and the Dead in a powerful way. Great shot, Mark

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