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EDIT 6/5/17: “Film Styles for Capture One” has rebranded to I have changed the links but otherwise the review is as originally presented.

Photographers love to discuss gear, software, and other tools. Whenever Capture One Pro comes up for discussion, invariably someone will say it is a very tempting piece of software, but s/he cannot give up the VSCO Film Pack emulations for Lightroom. At this point, I always mention the Capture One Film Styles, which I previously reviewed here.  If that is not enough, it is usually because it literally is not enough. VSCO has countless Film styles with multiple variations for each. The original Capture One Film Style set had 100 total, which is hardly insubstantial, but was not enough for some tastes.

Not surprisingly, Alexander Svet, the owner and creator of the C1 Film Styles, has come out with a second set, adding 100 new styles (25 B&W and 75 Color) plus 25 all-new grain emulations.  It is called, simply, the Capture One Film Styles Extended Set.

This new set includes variants for some of the styles in Set 1, and adds new films including Kodak Gold and Ektar, Agfa Vista, Rollei Retro (a great B&W option), and more. The grain settings work on any image, including those treated with the original set, or those not adjusted with the Film Styles at all.  To use them with additional Presets, you just have to turn on the Stack Styles feature in Capture One, which is a pretty neat option in its own right.

The new set works with Capture One Pro versions 8 and the recently released Capture One 9, (the original set works with Pro Versions 6 through 9).  Neither set supports any Capture One Express version.

The Extended Set also includes 4 cross-processed looks, one of which is featured here:

All of these images, by the way, are from a Sunday afternoon photowalk I took on City Island in the Bronx with my daughter in November.


If you use Capture One and want film emulation presets, these are your only choice. Fortunately, it is a solid set which I can recommend without reservation.

DISCLAIMER AND DISCLOSURE: I was not paid for this review, nor am I an affiliate of Capture One Styles or Capture One, and I will not receive any compensation should you purchase a copy of the presets. I was given a free copy of the styles in order to test and write this review.

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  1. Great post Mark, very interesting for sure, Happy New Year!

  2. Great post Mark, very interesting for sure, Happy New Year!

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